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Managing Pregnancy Symptoms at Home

Managing Pregnancy Symptoms at Home

Expectant mothers often spend months, or even years, dreaming of the moment that they will receive a positive result from a pregnancy test, and although that joy is not dampened by the symptoms that accompany pregnancy, some of the common side effects are still tough to contend with.

The good news is that industrious women have been finding ways to curb their pregnancy symptoms at home for centuries, so there are some highly effective ways to manage even the most pervasive side effects.

What Are Some Common Pregnancy Symptoms?

Some of the most intense pregnancy symptoms are felt during the first trimester, and often double as early pregnancy signs. These include:

Some other classic pregnancy symptoms may appear later in the gestational period include:

Regardless of the stage of pregnancy, all of these symptoms can be difficult to bear for expectant mothers.

How Can Pregnancy Symptoms Be Managed at Home?

Not every symptom can be alleviated with home remedies, but there are some key steps that pregnant women can take to make their experience more comfortable.

Eating healthy, fiber-rich meals that aren’t especially spicy or greasy can prevent morning sickness, constipation, and heartburn. Staying hydrated is another way to hedge against a number of pregnancy symptoms.

Women who have an especially tough time with nausea should stock up on sour or peppermint candies and products made with real ginger; all of these are known to help alleviate queasiness due to morning sickness. 

For pregnant women grappling with hemorrhoids and/or frequent headaches, the trick is to stay cool. Witch hazel wipes or a simple cold compress can assist with the former; lying down with an ice pack on the forehead can alleviate the latter.

Some pregnancy symptoms simply require help from a doctor; pregnant women can always discuss options for alleviating particularly uncomfortable side effects with their provider if necessary.

Though it’s impossible to eliminate every pregnancy symptom from home, there are quite a few ways to effectively minimize the discomfort associated with pregnancy. It can be difficult to manage symptoms at first, but learning from the expert expectant mothers who discovered tricks like these is a great way to stay as comfortable as possible.

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