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Prevention is Key: Managing Vaginitis in Women's Health


Prevention is Key: Managing Vaginitis in Women's Health 

As a provider in Gynecology at Complete Health Care for Women in Richland, WA, I often counsel my patients that while vaginitis is a common condition that can cause discomfort and distress, the power of prevention is in their hands. The following insights are drawn from my experience and are aimed at helping women understand how to prevent vaginitis. 

Vaginitis, an inflammation of the vagina, manifests through symptoms like itching, burning, and abnormal discharge, which can significantly impact a woman’s quality of life. As healthcare providers, Richard Lorenzo, DO, and Kortney Jones, ARNP see many cases of vaginitis, and we emphasize that prevention is as important as treatment. 

The vaginal environment is a finely balanced ecosystem. Disruptions to this balance, whether by infections, hormonal changes, or lifestyle factors, can lead to the development of vaginitis. Thus, understanding and maintaining vaginal health is crucial. 

To prevent vaginitis, we advise our patients to practice the following: 


See your doctor If you have any symptoms of vaginitis, such as unusual discharge, odor, itching, burning, pain, or bleeding, do not ignore them or try to treat them yourself. See your doctor as soon as possible for a proper diagnosis and treatment. Some types of vaginitis may require prescription medication or other interventions to clear up completely.

By following these preventive measures, many cases of vaginitis can be avoided. However, if symptoms do arise, it's important to seek professional medical advice rather than self-treatment. Misdiagnosis can lead to worsened conditions or mask more serious issues. 

At Complete Health Care for Women, we are committed to providing comprehensive gynecological care tailored to the individual needs of our patients. Dr. Lorenzo and Kortney Jones ARNP are dedicated to fostering an environment where open communication is encouraged, ensuring our patients feel supported in their journey toward optimal health. 

For women experiencing symptoms of vaginitis or those seeking guidance on prevention, we welcome you to contact our office at 509-392-6700. Together, we can work towards maintaining your gynecologic well-being and preventing the discomfort that comes with vaginitis. 



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Richard Lorenzo, D.O.

Kortney Jones ARNP

Kortney Jones, ARNP Kortney Jones, ARNP Kortney Jones is board certified by the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners. She provides ob-gyn services including birth control, pregnancy and prenatal care, and infertility as well as gynecological services such as women’s health and wellness, abnormal uterine bleeding, endometriosis, pellet hormone therapy, and menopause.

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