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Tests for Monitoring Your Babies Well-Being

When you're pregnant, you'll have a lot on your mind -- and some of your thoughts can be worrisome; you may ask yourself, "what if my baby won't be born healthy?"


Worrying about the health of your child is normal. And one of the best things you can do is to identify any abnormalities in your baby early on so that a doctor can treat it and you can prepare for it.


To help demystify prenatal testing, we've compiled a guide with some of the most critical points you should take note of. Read on below to learn more.


What Are Prenatal Tests?

Prenatal tests are tests you undergo while pregnant. They’ll allow your healthcare provider to check on how you and your baby are doing.


Usually, you'd undergo prenatal testing at different times throughout your pregnancy. These tests check whether your baby may have any health problems, such as:




What Are the Most Common Prenatal Tests?

First Trimester Screening

Your first-trimester screening is composed of tests taken between weeks 11 and 13 of your pregnancy. The following tests look for birth defects relating to your child's heart or chromosomal disorders:




Second Trimester Screening

You'll take these second-trimester tests between weeks 15 and 20 of your pregnancy and focus on looking for certain birth defects or anomalies:




Final Thoughts

Undergoing special tests to check your child's well-being during pregnancy is essential. It allows you to catch any problems early on to make sure they can be adequately treated.


In the Tri-cities (Kennewick, Pasco, Richland), Complete Healthcare for Women can help you with all the tests you need to undergo throughout your pregnancy, aside from providing other OB-GYN services. Contact Richard Lorenzo, DO and female provider Kortney Jones, ARNP today to schedule an appointment.



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