Weight Loss - The Importance of Protein

At Complete Healthcare for Women, Dr. Richard Lorenzo, Kortney Jones ARNP, and our team are committed to helping you reach the optimum weight and size you need to enjoy life at its fullest.

Complete Healthcare Weight Loss supplements provide your body with protein that is vital to preserve and maintain lean body tissue while you are going through the weight loss phase of the plan. You will be taking in fewer calories overall, so it is essential that you get the right amount and the right kind of protein to protect the major organs of your body.

Complete Healthcare Weight Loss protein supplements perform another essential function: they help your body maintain a higher metabolic rate than it otherwise would during calorie restriction. This heightened metabolism burns more fat, which helps you lose weight while at the same time giving you more energy.

The protein in Complete Healthcare Weight Loss supplements is the best we found and we looked all over the world. In New Zealand we found protein derived from milk that is unsurpassed in quality, so that is what we use.

It is precisely what your body needs during the weight loss phase: the protein without the added calories and fat that you would get in, say, meat or dairy products. What is more, our protein supplements make you feel full; the hunger pangs subside and the high-calorie, high-fat sweets no longer seem so tempting.

Because our supplements contain precise amounts of high-quality protein, they make it easier to know exactly how much your body is getting, and to keep you on a systematic weight management program. Each Complete Healthcare Weight Loss protein supplement provides as much protein as nearly two ounces of meat, 15 grams per serving, but with far fewer calories, and of course less fat and cholesterol.

Everything has been structured and balanced by our food scientists, so you are relieved of the anxiety of reading countless labels in the grocery store. You know you are getting exactly what you need to reach your goal.

Best of all, this nourishing protein shows up on your menu in the form of delicious puddings, shakes, soups, and hot beverages. You would love the taste even if these delicious foods were not the key to your weight management program.

The first thing you notice when you try any of the delicious Complete Healthcare Weight Loss foods is their taste. But what makes our protein supplements perform so well in our weight loss management program is the high-quality protein they contain. There are over 150 delicious items to choose from, and all of them are full of high-quality protein.

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Richard Lorenzo, DO

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